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All Saints C of E Primary School

All Saints C of E Primary School

Christian Aid Day

For Christian Aid Day this year the theme is on Climate Justice and the appeal highlights the issues of drought, linked to the climate crisis, and how this effects communities in Kenya.  Money raised could help the community build an earth dam, so when rains do come they will have the water they need to live

We are very grateful to have Julia Chittell (youth worker from All Saints Church) and Father George come in to help run a day of fun but educational activities with our staff and children – working with a class at a time and running a key stage one assembly in the morning and a key stage two assembly at the end of the day.   
To start the day off, we asked children to choose a vessel to carry water to school in from home.  This could be a plastic bottle, jug, a yogurt pot, a tin can, a small bucket, a plastic bag etc.