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All Saints C of E Primary School


We currently have the following committees that meet regularly.

Resources Committee

Finance, Staffing and Personnel, Premises and Health & Safety

William Vaughan (Chair), Geoff Green, Alexander West, J-P Pitt, Harriet Usborne, Shane Dorsett, Henri-Thierry Toutounji, Katrin Mayfield,  Kieran Gorman, Sharon Whitehead, Suzanne Pink.


Pupils, Parents and the Community.

Father Ross Gunderson (Chair), Rev'd George Meyrick, Shane Dorsett, Henri-Thierry Toutounji, Katrin Mayfield, Harriet Howlett , Louise Beanland, Kieran Gorman, Suzanne Pink.

Admissions Committee

Review admission agreements and to make recommendations for changes to the Governing Board.


J-P Pitt (Chair), Geoff Green, Kieran Gorman, Sharon Whitehead.