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All Saints C of E Primary School

Meet the Governors

As we are a voluntary aided church school, most of our governors are foundation governors and appointed by the Church.  In addition we have three elected parent governors and one local authority governor.  

As governors, we cannot carry out our work properly without getting to know the school as well as we can. This is not always easy for people with busy lives, but governors are generous with their time, and the school – both staff and children – makes us very welcome and involve us in what is going on.

We are always pleased to hear your comments about our school.  It helps us to know what you think works well and what we can improve upon.  If there is anything you would like to tell us about, please write to us via the school, or contact one of our parent governors or Geoff Green, Chair of the Governing Body also via the school.

Foundation Governors

Membership Name Members Type
Geoff Green Foundation LDBS -  Chair - Appointed Oct 2018
William Vaughan PCC Foundation Governor - Vice Chair - Appointed September 2022
Harriet Hall Foundation Deanery Synod - Appointed March 2023
Father Ross Gunderson Foundation Deanery Synod - Appointed October 2018
Louise Beanland (Foundation LDBS) - Appointed January 2023
JP Pitt PCC Foundation Governor - Appointed June 2022
Katrin Mayfield
Rev George Meyrick Foundation ex Officio - Appointed September 2021
Harriet Howlett LA Representative - Appointed 
Shane Dorsett Parent Governor - Appointed February 2024
Henri-Thierry Toutounji Parent Governor - Appointed February 2024
Kieran Gorman Headteacher - Appointed January 2021
Sharon Whitehead Staff Governor - Appointed October 2022
Suzanne Pink Associated Member - Appointed November 2022
Penny Venters Clerk to the Governors

Governors' Links for 2022/23

Role Name
Art  William Vaughan
Child Protection and Safe Guarding Louise Beanland
DT William Vaughan
Health and Safety Geoff Green 
Literacy Ross Gunderson
Numeracy Harriet Usborne
PE JP Pitt
Religious Education Rev George Meyrick
Science Geoff Green
SEN and PUPIL PREMIUM: Harriet Howlett
The Wider Curriculum Enrichment/Humanities  
Treasurer of the Maintenance Fund: Geoff Green

Parent Governors

Parent governors have an important role to play at All Saints School and they take part in all aspects of the work of the governing body provided they do not have a personal interest.

Although they are elected by parents, Parent Governors are not obliged to express any views apart from their own. However, it is important they try to represent the views of parents to the governing body, where appropriate.  Please feel free to let them know your views on major issues.

How can I become a Governor?

If you’re interested in becoming a governor, talk to the Chair of Governors.   When there’s a vacancy for a parent governor all parents will be informed, and you’ll have a chance to stand for election.

To find out more about what being a Governor involves, refer to the Governance  Handbook: