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All Saints C of E Primary School

All Saints C of E Primary School

Saint Augustine's Church in Angola

All Saints Fulham has established a link with Saint Augustine's Church in Angola. The school has taken on this link as part of global awareness education. Pupils from both schools learn about each others' cultures and daily lives. All Saints School also have a rolling fundraising programme to help purchase essential resources for Saint Augustines.

St Augustine Church was established in 1988, when parish members started meeting under a large tree at this location, while a Church building was built. St Augustine Primary School was established in 1994 by members of the St Augustine's Church.  During that time it has grown and what once started as one room is now a school with five classrooms.

The school currently consists of five finished classrooms, some with furniture.  In the 2005/2006 school year there was 300 pupils enrolled and 5 teachers.  The school day is split into morning and afternoon sessions, with pupils attending one session a day.   It is a primary school with pupils ranging in age from4 to 15.  Subjects taught include literacy, drama, dance, singing, Numeracy and Physical Education.  English lessons have begun and this is an area they are keen to develop.

St Augustine's is on the outskirts of Luanda, in the suburb of Viana.  Luanda is the capital of Angola and is a large, vibrant city, which is growing quickly.   Viana is a suburb that was largely established during the war.  There was little fighting in Luanda which is why many people settled there.  The area surrounding the school consists mainly of roughly made houses dirt roads (almost inaccessible in winter) and a few little shops.  One of which made lovely traditional Portuguese pastries and another which has just begun to make delicious creamy yogurt.  

There is also a State Secondary School nearby.  Viana is a huge suburb and further away from the school there is a large hospital, a cemetery and an army base.  The trip, by car, to Viana should take around 15 minutes but can take anything from half an hour up to an hour and a half, due to traffic.