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All Saints C of E Primary School

All Saints C of E Primary School

Admissions Consultation Outcome 2020/2021

The consultation relating to the Admission arrangements for 2020/21 has been completed and the governors have now determined the Admission policy.

The school consulted on two changes to the admissions oversubscription criteria.

These were as follows:

  1. To adjust the proportion of Foundation applications from 60% to 50%
  2. To adjust church applications from the named churches to be treated equally under Category
  3. In other words, to make all four churches equal as Foundation applications.  Consequently, they will then be considered within the category in order of proximity to the school.

We would like to thank everyone who responded.  We received written and verbal responses, the majority of which were not in favour of the reduction of Foundation places and the equality of ALL church places. Some respondents supported the proposal to give children of committed and practising families who worship at St Etheldreda and St Clement the same priority as those who worship at All Saints. Others had concerns about extending the offer to those worshipping at St Dionis and St Peters.

However, we carefully considered all the comments and concerns through the responses.

The Governing Body considered these objections.  In making this decision, they took into account that:

  • St Etheldreda and St Clement are churches that worship in the same traditions as All Saints and like All Saints church, serve the geographical areas closest to the school, so the governing body agreed there is an ecclesial and parochial logic in that changes, which is underpinned by the graft between All Saints and St Etheldreda church. 
  • There is no Church of England school in the parish of St Ethedrada with St Clement. 
  • Maintaining the distinct Christian ethos of the school

Following the consultation, the Governing Body agreed against changing the proportion of foundation to open places at the same times, as changing the eligibility criteria for foundation places.

Governing Body has therefore decided to retain the proportion of Foundation places 60% and give absolute priority to families that worship at All Saints and St Etheldreda and St Clements.

Julia Loizou

Chair of Governors