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All Saints C of E Primary School

All Saints C of E Primary School


The caterpillars have been very busy at Mrs Farrugia's house. They have been wriggling lots and moving all around their cup. They wriggled to the top of the cup and hung down to make a j shape. It was there that the caterpillars began to make their chrysalis, this is a hard shell that the caterpillars live in for 1 or 2 weeks until they become a butterfly! The caterpillars are now safely in their butterfly garden habitat preparing to become butterflies. 

  • waiting for butterflies

    waiting for butterflies.jpg
    waiting for butterflies
  • making chrysalis

    making chrysalis.jpg
    making chrysalis
  • j caterpillars

    j caterpillars.jpg
    j caterpillars
  • chrysalis station

    chrysalis station.jpg
    chrysalis station